About Us


Aims Motion Technology Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1985 with presence in Penang. Selangor and Melaka. We are involved in providing products and solutions in industrial automation. We specialise In design and installation of automation equipment and controls in manufacturing and assembly processes in various industries such as Automotive. Renewable Energy. Food & Beverage. Rubber etc. With more than 20 experience and understanding of client’s needs and objectives. we have progressed to offer automation in material handling as it synergizes well into the total solution to achieve production efficiency. improved safety. waste reduction. cost reduction and thus increased shareholders value.

Our Services offering:

Our dedication to excellence in providing our services has resulted in us being the trusted and preferred Industrial Automation solution provider in Malaysia. Our team approach along with a passion for dynamic innovation centred around our client’s needs and their ultimate success make us the solution provider that you can trust.